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Quickly embed this high-performance, low-profile PCIe card cryptographic processor into servers and security appliances

The Luna PCIe HSM documentation includes user documentation, release notes, upgrade instructions, technical notes, and more.

Available Documentation Releases

The Luna PCIe HSM 7 documentation is now version-inclusive -- use one set of documentation for all released versions of the Luna 7 firmware and the Luna Universal Client. The latest documentation is updated frequently with the latest corrections and improvements.

Older versions of the documentation are release-specific. Select a release to view the available documentation for the release. These archived documents are no longer updated, and may contain errors and omissions.

Luna PCIe HSM 7
 Luna PCIe HSM 7 / Luna Universal Client Documentation  Release Notes 

 7.7.0 / UC 10.3 UC 10.2  UC 10.1  7.4  7.3  7.2  7.1  7.0 
Luna PCIe HSM 5 and 6
 UC 10.2  UC 10.1 
 6.3  6.2.2  6.2.1  6.2  6.1  6.0 
 5.4  5.3  5.2