Luna PCIe HSM 7.7.0
Universal Client 10.3.0

Product Documentation

Luna PCIe HSM 7.7.0 was introduced in October 2020, and includes appliance software, HSM firmware, and the Universal Client 10.3.0 software.

Latest release 7 software and firmware versions
Luna HSM Client software 10.3.0
Luna HSM firmware 7.7.0
Luna Backup HSM (G7) firmware 7.7.1
Luna Backup HSM (G5) firmware 6.28.0
Luna PED firmware 2.7.4, 2.9.0
New Features and Enhancements

>Support for eIDAS and Common Criteria Certification Requirements

>Scalable Key Storage

>Per-Key Authorization

>Initialize the Orange RPV Key Remotely

Release Documentation

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