Luna PCIe HSM 7.2

Product Documentation

The 7.2 factory release was introduced in May 2018 and last revised in June 2019. It includes new client software and HSM firmware.

Release 7.2 software and firmware versions
Client software 7.2
HSM firmware

6.2.1 or higher. Documentation reflects 7.2.0. If you deploy the client with older HSM firmware, not all features will be available. Refer to the release notes for the firmware versions used in your configuration for more information.

New Features and Enhancements

>Client enhancements:

Compatible with HSMs running Luna 6.2.1 or higher

Supports HA groups containing both Luna Network HSM 6 and 7 partitions

User-Defined install paths

Minimal client for deployment in Docker containers and similar microservice environments

>Customizable system logging

>Partition renaming/relabeling

>Remote initialization of the Remote PED Vector (orange PED key)

>Crypto User can clone public objects

>Auto-enabled HA logging

>Support for SCP03 encoding

Release Documentation

>User Documentation

> Release Notes

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