Luna Network HSM 7.7.1
Universal Client 10.3.0

Product Documentation

Luna Network HSM 7.7.1 was introduced in April 2021, and includes appliance software and HSM firmware (Universal Client 10.3.0 software remains current).

Release 7.7.1 software and firmware versions
Luna HSM Client software 10.3.0
Luna Network HSM Appliance software 7.7.1
Luna HSM firmware 7.7.1
Luna Backup HSM (G7) firmware 7.7.1
Luna Backup HSM (G5) firmware 6.28.0
Luna PED firmware 2.7.4, 2.9.0
New Features and Enhancements

>Improved hybrid/key cloning between Luna on premises HSMs and Luna Cloud HSM in non-FIPS mode

>Network HSM Admin can initialize partitions via Luna Shell

>White-listing of permitted IP addresses for control of SSH access to the Network HSM appliance

>REST API supports use of third-party certificates

>REST API provides additional capabilities previously available only in Luna Shell

>REST API enables CSR generation

>SSH inactivity timeout

>Mandatory password while creating a user

Release Documentation

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