General Purpose HSM

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Luna HSMs

Reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance by securing your enterprise-level data and critical applications in high-assurance, tamper-resistant, FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated Luna General Purpose Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Available in the following form factors:

Luna Network HSM (Luna SA):  securely connect to this hardened network appliance for market-leading performance, the highest level of security, and full regulatory compliance.

Luna PCIe HSM: quickly embed this high-performance, low-profile PCIe card cryptographic processor into servers and security appliances.

Luna USB HSM (Luna G5): physically remove and store this small form factor USB-attached appliance for offline CA root key storage.

ProtectServer HSMs

Offering a unique level of customization and unsurpassed cryptographic flexibility, ProtectServer HSMs allow application developers to create their own custom firmware functionality modules (FMs) and execute them within the secure confines of the HSM. Available in the following form factors:

ProtectServer External Plus HSM: security hardened, tamper-protected network crypto server for high-performance symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic operations.

ProtectServer External HSM: network-attached appliance with a single power supply.
ProtectServer PCIe HSM: PCIe card that is installed directly into an application server.

Crypto Command Center

Crypto Command Center (CCC): centralized management, provisioning, monitoring, alerting, and reporting for Luna Network HSMs.