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Users and Credentials API


Users and Credentials API

Users and Credentials API

API Endpoints

Class Method HTTP request Description
CredentialsApi createClient POST /credentials/clients Create client credentials.
CredentialsApi deleteClient DELETE /credentials/clients/{id} Delete the client credentials.
CredentialsApi getClient GET /credentials/clients/{id} Returns the details of the client credentials associated with the provided client ID.
CredentialsApi listClients GET /credentials/clients Returns a list of client credentials.
CredentialsApi resetClient POST /credentials/clients/{id}/resetSecret Reset the client credential's secret.
CredentialsApi updateClient PATCH /credentials/clients/{id} Update the existing client credentials.
SubscriberGroupsApi createSubscriberGroups POST /subscriber_groups Create a new Subscriber Group.
SubscriberGroupsApi deleteSubscriberGroup DELETE /subscriber_groups/{id} Delete a Subscriber Group.
SubscriberGroupsApi getSubscriberGroup GET /subscriber_groups/{id} Returns the details of a Subscriber Group.
SubscriberGroupsApi listSubscriberGroups GET /subscriber_groups Returns a list of the Subscriber Groups.
SubscriberGroupsApi updateSubscriberGroup PATCH /subscriber_groups/{id} Update a Subscriber Group
UsersApi changeUserPassword PATCH /users/changePassword Update a users password, you must provide the old password.
UsersApi createUser POST /users Create a User.
UsersApi deleteUser DELETE /users/{id} Delete a user.
UsersApi editUserDetails PATCH /users/{id} Update a user's details.
UsersApi forgotUserPassword POST /users/forgotPassword Create and submit a Forgot Password request and request a Password Reset email.
UsersApi getUser GET /users/{id} Get the details of a user.
UsersApi getUserProfile GET /users/profile Returns the details of the current user.
UsersApi listUsers GET /users Returns a list of the users in the tenant.
UsersApi resetMfaToken POST /users/{id}/resetMfaToken Update a user's multifactor token.
UsersApi resetUserPassword PATCH /users/{id}/resetPassword Update a user account with a temporary password.
UsersApi resetUserPasswordWithCode POST /users/{id}/password Create a new user password after a Forgot Password request was submitted.
UsersApi sendVerificationEmail POST /users/{id}/sendVerification Send the verify user's email address email to a user.
UsersApi verifyUserByCode GET /users/{id}/verify Returns a user and verifies the user email address against the one time password code provided in their email.




For more information about authorization see Getting Started Using the DPoD API.

  • Type: OAuth
  • Scopes:
    • dpod.tenant.spadmin: Service Provider Administrator
    • dpod.tenant.admin: Tenant Administrator
    • dpod.tenant.appowner: Application Owner
    • dpod.tenant.api_appowner: Application Owner API platform credentials
    • dpod.tenant.api_service: Service credentials
    • dpod.tenant.api_spadmin: Service Provider Administrator API platform credentials