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Tenant API


Tenant API

Tenant API

Version: 6.0.2

API Endpoints

Method HTTP request Description
collectServicesSummary GET /tenants/servicesSummary Returns the Service summary.
collectServicesSummaryFile GET /tenants/servicesSummaryFile Returns the Service summary file.
createTenant POST /tenants Create a Tenant.
deleteTenant DELETE /tenants/{id} Delete the Tenant
generateUsageReport GET /tenants/usageReport Returns the Tenant usage report file.
getAdmin GET /tenants/{id}/admin Returns details for the identified Tenant's Primary Administrator.
getChildren GET /tenants/{id}/children Returns a list of the identified Parent Tenant's existing Child Tenant IDs.
getHostname GET /tenants/{id}/hostname Returns hostname of the requested Tenant ID.
getLogo GET /tenants/logo Returns logo image for the targeted host.
getLogoById GET /tenants/{id}/logo Returns the logo image for the targeted Tenant.
getQuotas GET /tenants/{id}/quotas Returns the quota information for the requested Tenant ID.
getTenant GET /tenants/{id} Returns details for the specified Tenant.
getTenantHierarchy GET /tenants/hierarchy Returns a tree representation of the Tenant hierarchy.
getTenantSettings GET /tenants/settings Returns Tenant settings.
getUsageDetails GET /tenants/usageDetails Returns the usage details for all the Tenants.
listTenants GET /tenants Returns a list of Tenants.
setLogo PUT /tenants/{id}/logo Set logo image for the targeted Tenant.
updateTenant PATCH /tenants/{id} Update an existing Tenant.
updateTenantSettings PATCH /tenants/settings Update Tenant settings.




For more information about authorization see Getting Started Using the DPoD API.

  • Type: OAuth
  • Scopes:
    • dpod.tenant.spadmin: Service Provider Administrator
    • dpod.tenant.admin: Tenant Administrator
    • dpod.tenant.appowner: Application Owner
    • dpod.tenant.api_appowner: Application Owner API platform credentials
    • dpod.tenant.api_service: Service credentials
    • dpod.tenant.api_spadmin: Service Provider Administrator API platform credentials