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Subscription API


Subscription API

Subscription API

API Endpoints

Class Method HTTP request Description
AccountStatusApi getTenantAccountStatusById GET /accountStatuses/{id} Returns the tenant account status, including the evaluation term start/end dates and Service Elections related dates.
AccountStatusApi getTenantAccountStatuses GET /accountStatuses Returns the account statuses of the Child Tenants.
ServiceAgreementApi approveServiceAgreement PATCH /serviceAgreements/{tenantId} Approve a tenant service agreement.
ServiceAgreementApi getServiceAgreementById GET /serviceAgreements/{tenantId} Returns the service agreement details for a tenant.
ServiceAgreementApi rejectServiceAgreement DELETE /serviceAgreements/{tenantId} Reject a tenant service agreement.
ServiceAgreementApi submitServiceAgreement POST /serviceAgreements Create and submit a service agreement.
SubscriptionApi getSubscriptions GET /subscriptions Returns the service subscriptions for the tenant based on the trial state, Initial Service Elections, Additional Service Elections, or monthly subscription.
TermsOfServiceApi getTermsOfService GET /tos/{tenantId} Returns the Terms of Service for the tenant.




For more information about authorization see Getting Started Using the DPoD API.

  • Type: OAuth
  • Scopes:
    • dpod.tenant.spadmin: Service Provider Administrator
    • dpod.tenant.admin: Tenant Administrator
    • dpod.tenant.appowner: Application Owner
    • dpod.tenant.api_appowner: Application Owner API platform credentials
    • dpod.tenant.api_service: Service credentials
    • dpod.tenant.api_spadmin: Service Provider Administrator API platform credentials