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Service Catalog API


Service Catalog API

Service Catalog API

Version: 1.4.2

API Endpoints

Request Description
GET /v1/service_categories Returns a list of the available categories.
PATCH /v1/tiles/{id} Update a tile to enable or disable it. Supports the JSON Patch format (RFC6902), but currently limited only to setting the \"enabled\" field. Tenant Administrators can set or unset the \"enabled\" field, Service Provider Administrators can only set it. Any attempt to change fields other than \"enabled\" will result in an error. Enabling the tile at Service Provider level will enable all the tiles for the subtenants.
GET /v1/tiles/{id}/plans Returns the plans for the specified tile.
GET /v1/tiles/{id} Returns detailed information about a specific tile. The tile must be assigned to the tenant that the caller belongs to.
GET /v1/tiles Returns a list of the tiles available to the current user, or to the tenant specified in the query parameter.



For more information about authorization see Getting Started Using the DPoD API.

  • Type: OAuth
  • Scopes:
    • dpod.tenant.spadmin: Service Provider Administrator
    • dpod.tenant.admin: Tenant Administrator
    • dpod.tenant.appowner: Application Owner
    • dpod.tenant.api_appowner: Application Owner API platform credentials
    • dpod.tenant.api_service: Service credentials
    • dpod.tenant.api_spadmin: Service Provider Administrator API platform credentials