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Service API


Service API

Service API

API Endpoints

Class Method HTTP request Description
ReportsApi getServiceInstanceUsageBillingReport GET /service_instances/usageBillingReport Returns usage reports for billing.
ReportsApi getServiceTypeSummary GET /service_instances/summary Returns a summary of the currently active Services.
ReportsApi getServiceTypeUsageDetails GET /service_instances/usageDetails Returns usage details.
ServiceInstancesApi bind PUT /service_instances/{id}/bindings Create a Service Client and bind it to the identified Service Instance.
ServiceInstancesApi getBinding GET /service_instances/{id}/bindings/{clientId} Returns Service Client binding details.
ServiceInstancesApi getBindings GET /service_instances/{id}/bindings Returns all active Service Client bindings.
ServiceInstancesApi getServiceInstance GET /service_instances/{id} Returns Service Instance details.
ServiceInstancesApi getServiceInstances GET /service_instances Returns active Service Instances.
ServiceInstancesApi provision POST /service_instances Create a Service Instance
ServiceInstancesApi unbind DELETE /service_instances/{id}/bindings/{clientId} Delete an identified Service Client from an identified Service.
ServiceInstancesApi unprovision DELETE /service_instances/{id} Delete an active Service Instance.
ServicesApi bindClient PUT /services/{id}/client Bind a Client to a Service.
ServicesApi createService POST /services Provision a new Service.
ServicesApi deleteService DELETE /services/{id} Delete a Service Instance.
ServicesApi getClient GET /services/{id}/client/{clientId} Returns Client details.
ServicesApi getClients GET /services/{id}/client Returns a list of active Clients.
ServicesApi getService GET /services/{id} Returns details of the Service Instance.
ServicesApi getServices GET /services Returns a list of all the active Services.
ServicesApi unbindClient DELETE /services/{id}/client/{clientId} Delete a Client from a Service.




For more information about authorization see Getting Started Using the DPoD API.

  • Type: OAuth
  • Scopes:
    • dpod.tenant.spadmin: Service Provider Administrator
    • dpod.tenant.admin: Tenant Administrator
    • dpod.tenant.appowner: Application Owner
    • dpod.tenant.api_appowner: Application Owner API platform credentials
    • dpod.tenant.api_service: Service credentials
    • dpod.tenant.api_spadmin: Service Provider Administrator API platform credentials