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Tenant Management

Registering Tenants Automatically


Registering Tenants Automatically

Registering Tenants Automatically

Data Protection on Demand allows for self-serve Enterprise Tenant account registration to a Service Provider Tenant platform.

Potential Tenant Administrators can register an evaluation tenant to the service provider tenant through the sign up URL. Service Provider Administrators can distribute the sign up URL to direct users to a registration page as an alternative to manual registration.

The sign up page inherits both the service provider tenant name and logo. See Customizing the Service Provider Logo.

The sign up URL is available from: https://<service_provider_hostname>.<region>

For example:

At this time, enterprise tenants generated through automated tenant registration receive a randomly generated access URL as the hostname. For example, an automated tenant access URL could take the form

The service provider administrator cannot edit the randomly generated hostname. If the enterprise tenant requires a specific hostname, the service provider administrator should complete the manual registration process for the enterprise tenant and specify a hostname label.

About the Automated Tenant Registration Page

When users access the sign up URL, they agree to the platform's terms of service and submit the following information to create a set of tenant administrator credentials:

  • Email: An active email address where the user will receive a Welcome email. This email address is associated with the enterprise tenant administrator and is required when logging in to DPoD.
  • Create a password: Enter a secure password for the tenant administrator. The password is required when logging in to DPoD.
  • Confirm your password: Re-enter the secure password for the tenant administrator.
  • Captcha: Complete the captcha to confirm they are human and reduce unnecessary spam to the registration servers.

On the subsequent registration page, the user creates their profile by submitting the following:

  • First Name: Enterprise tenant administrator's first name.
  • Last Name: Enterprise tenant administrator's last name.
  • Phone Number: Enterprise tenant administrator's phone number (required for regional verification).

The phone number must begin with "+" followed by a country code.

  • Company Name: Enter a Company Name for identification purposes. The Company Name displays on the log in page of the enterprise tenant.
  • Company Department: Optionally enter a company department to associate with the tenant.
  • Country: Select the country where the tenant will be accessed and used. This information is required for export control screening of DPoD services.
  • State/Province: Enter a valid State/Province for their Country. If the enterprise tenant administrator has selected "United States of America," "Canada," or "Australia" for their Country, the State/Province field is mandatory

This information is stored in DPoD and is accessible by the service provider administrators.

After registration, the user is redirected to their tenant log in page.

Disabling Automated Tenant Registration

Service provider administrators can disable tenant sign up from the Administration tab. If the sign up page is disabled, the user will see a web page with an error message requesting they contact the service provider administrator to manually register the tenant.

No service provider details or contact information is included in the error message.

The sign up page is disabled automatically if any of the following criteria are met:

  • Service provider quota too low.
  • Service provider no longer exists.
To disable automated tenant registration

Sign in as a service provider administrator.

Select the Administration tab.

Navigate to the Tenant Registration section and disable the Allow Access to tenant registration toggle.