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CipherTrust Batch Data Transformation (2.3)


CipherTrust Batch Data Transformation (2.3)

CipherTrust Batch Data Transformation (BDT) is a command-line utility that is used to transform (encrypt/tokenize) data in files and databases. It is a policy-based tool and can efficiently transform bulk data. It can also be used for rekey operations.

BDT Architecture

The BDT utility works with CipherTrust Manager (CM) for key management, CipherTrust Application Data Protection (CADP) for encryption, and CipherTrust Vaultless Tokenization (CT-VL) for tokenization.

BDT Architecture Diagram

BDT Policy

The BDT utility's actions are based on a policy. For each action or group of actions that you want to perform with the utility, you need to define a policy.

The BDT policy defines the rules on how to perform a transformation of the data provided by the input files or databases. The policy can be configured in a file locally or on a CipherTrust Manager (CM) instance that is serving as a centralized manager for configuration, allowing for easier reuse and maintenance. See Setting Up BDT Policy for more details.

Supported Data Formats

BDT supports the following file formats:

  • CSV File
  • Fixed Length File

BDT supports the following databases:

  • SAP HANA 2.0
  • MySQL 8.0.15
  • Oracle 12c
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017
  • IBM DB2 10.5.0

Supported Transformations